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MSens AirQS
Low-cost sensor module for outdoor air quality monitoring
MSens is multipurpose sensor module that offers a diverse range of functionalities. MSens can be integrated integrated in public luminaries that are compatible with NEMA or Zhaga interfaces or in other places with an external or autonomous power source, using a solar panel.

MSens allows the integration of a wide range of sensors such as video-surveillance, outdoor air quality monitoring, outdoor noise monitoring among many other options.

It has GPS Geo-localization and autonomous communication which can be integrated in a LPWAN-AfE-EA meshed network and also communicate through GPRS/GSM/3G.

MSens AirQ is an MSens version with sensors capable of monitoring several variables that are related to outdoor air quality.

The air that we breathe influences population’s health and even more severely, other weakened groups which respiratory capacity is developing or debilitated (children, seniors, asthmatic and others).

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a tool that allows:

  • a simple and understandable way of evaluating the outdoor air quality;

  • a simple and understandable way of evaluating the outdoor air quality;

  • the operation in multiple types of scenarios such as villages, cities and industrial areas;

  • for an information easily accessible by the public through direct access or through the media;

  • to give an answer to legal obligations;

  • broadcasting alerts to the sensible population groups in order to avoid health issues.

Target applications:

  • Network based outdoor air quality monitoring.

  • Sensor data that defines air quality is available online for public health reasons.

  • Ability to monitor the air quality in certain delimited areas such as industrial areas and populated areas.

  • Store the air quality history in a data base in order to be possible to detect potential issues.

Target users:

  • Cities that need air quality data for environmental reasons in order to keep the city attractive for both people to live and also for investors.

  • Groups/communities/universities/research centers that need to gather air quality data with the best possible cost/benefit.

  • Health, rehabilitation and tourist centers that have the need to demonstrate to people that those complexes are inserted in a good quality natural environment.

  • General population and people that are travelling that need to take into consideration their destination in order to avoid potential health issues.

Key Features:

MSens AirQ is equipped with several sensor that allow the measurement of the main parameters that define the outdoor air quality, namely:

  • Humidity and temperature.

  • Atmospheric pressure.

  • Carbon monoxide and dioxide (CO and CO2).

  • Thin particle concentration (PM 2,5/10).

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

  • Ozone (O3).

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The estimated life time is between three to five years, depending on the pollution levels that deteriorate the sensors performance.

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