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Water Pressure/Temperature Transducer
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Pressure optimization in water distribution network:
  • Prolong the life of water distribution network
  • Reduce leakage losses
  • Save Energy
  • Identify water supply performance

Why monitor network pressure?

The pressure in the WDN is one of the most important operating parameters of a water utility. A detailed knowledge about pressure provides the possibility to reduce exploration costs through the operation optimization and, definitively, contributes to end-user satisfaction.

Distributing water at higher pressure than necessary increases the risk of bursts and leakages and, at the same time, energy is wasted unnecessarily. Otherwise, if the pressure is lower than necessary at the point of supply, the consumers’ expectations and water supply quality will be compromised.

Also, poor pressure management could lead to an increased risk of water ingress from the surrounding environment, which can result in pollution of the drinking water. Flaws in the WDN infrastructure can create potentially damaging pressure surges and transients.


Adjust network pressure, lower leakage losses and energy

Normally, the pressure management of the WDN is obtained from measuring the pressures only in the water measuring and control stations (WM&CS), or similar stations. Thus, an adequate pressure control/adjust of the WDN only is possible if also are obtained pressure measures from representative strategic end-points of water utilization (E-PoWU).

The SM in E-PoWU’s can be equipped with pressure transducers that beyond measure the average pressure levels, can capture sudden pressure surges and drops.

By installing pressure transducers in strategic places of WDN, namely in SM in E-PoWUs, the WDN will have adequate control of network pressure, which can allow the mitigation of the water leakage losses and the prediction of water demand.

When the pressure is under constant surveillance close to the point of supply, WDNs can operate much
closer to the minimum water consumption demands.


CWJ Water Pressure/Temperature Transducer is an IP68 device type tested. It is easily installed upstream of the water meter.

Measuring speed
CWJ Water Pressure/Temperature Transducer measures with 10 Hz, ie. 10 times per second. The short intervals between the readings are necessary in order to pick up pressure shocks. In addition to the information about pressure shocks, you get a precise measurement of the pressure and its variation over time.

Technical Data:                                                                                                                                

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