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AfE Communication Transceivers

CWJ-AfE-S1G Communication Transceiver:


The aim of the CWJ-AfE-S1G is to bring a beyond state the art efficient communications network protocol with a set of powerful and innovative features, for low power wireless area networks (LPWAN).

AfE is a meshed/ad-hoc communication network protocol that allows the continuous management of routing trees through optimal hop-constrained and energy resources of the entire wireless sensor network (WSN), in order to continuously optimize and predict the performance and lifecycle of the whole network infrastructure, e.g. an automated metering infrastructure (AMI).

AfE allows the efficient integration in the same network infrastructure of communications battery-operated, energy-constrained, and mains power supplies operated devices/sensors, commonly in use in smart cities infrastructures, automated metering infrastructures (AMI), professional buildings infrastructures and others.

AfE is a flexible multi-infrastructure and bidirectional communication network protocol, for use among smart cities infrastructures, automated metering infrastructures (AMI) or, professional buildings infrastructures. 

​AfE technology is Energy Aware, Reliable and Easy to Deploy.

Main Features:

  • Energy Aware: The AfE communication network protocol allows battery, energy constrained, or energy harvesting operated devices, the generation of efficient meshed/ad-hoc communication networks.

  • Reliability: The AfE communication network protocol allows the easy connectivity of all the devices of the network infrastructure, dealing effectively with situations such as deficient radiofrequency coverage and/or due to radio signal barriers. The AfE communication network protocol has the self-healing connectivity ability by continuously exploring all available links among the network infrastructure devices to compute successively alternative spanning trees - "if exists an available link to a determined device, such device is connected in the network, no matter where it is".

  • Easy deployment: The devices can be easily deployed with no hassle to the user, providing high scalability levels in the network infrastructure. Just is enough to place the device in the range of the current network infrastructure and the device is ready to go.

  • Upgradable via OtA: If new features or revisions were developed, AfE devices firmware can be easily upgraded or updated over the air (OtA).

  • Flexible interface: The CWJ-AfE-S1G module can be connected to multiple digital I/O, serial communication (RS232) and 1 ADC ports.

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