AfE-EA, All for Everyone - Energy Aware​,
Communication Network Protocol
"Connecting everything in Cities and Facilities, to everywhere, with the power of controlling everything, from everywhere, under energy awareness!​"

WHY we do everything as we do in Cities and Facilities:

  • We believe in rethinking the Cities and Facilities with life. The Cities and Facilities as sustainable living beings, supported in sophisticated Communication Networks, as powerful nervous systems, where each Utility can be completely controlled from the client's Control Center, as the brain of the whole infrastructure.

  • We believe in challenging the status-quo of enslaving the cities and facilities to the hell of Energetic Efficiency instead to the heaven of Sustainable Efficiency, which allows the well-being and quality of life of the Citizens; 

  • We believe the things should be well done by thinking differently, always in the context of Adequacy-of-Service (AoS);

  • We believe even with the things done how should be done the payback should be lower than one third of the lifecycle of the things.

HOW we do everything as we do in Cities and Facilities:


  • The way we rethink the Cities and Facilities with life is by introducing a disruptive Communication Network that integrates well designed Utilities' Infrastructures supported in beyond state-of-the-art know-how and do-how's devices and systems that are simple to put-into-service and can be operated user-friendly;

  • The way of putting-into-service and operation of every Utility can be completely controlled and managed from the client's Control Center, based in real-time data, obtained by the Telemetry Systems from the Utilities' Infrastructures; ​

  • All operations are supported in a beyond state-of-art Adequacy of Service (AoS), instead the conventional Quality of Service (QoS). ​

WHAT we do for Cities and Facilities:​​

  • We just happen to make Communication Networks based on Telemetry Devices and Systems to allow the grow-up of sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Facilities.

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AfE-EA, All For Everyone - Energy Aware

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